Let's Get Personal

The Painted Balloon represents Fiona Flaherty's foray into the world of balloon art for the second time. Her first venture, Vroom Vroom Balloon, made a significant impact on the industry with her unique approach of customizing giant latex balloons with hand lettering. From 2016-2020, Fiona's creative prowess and business acumen propelled her to own and operate Vroom Vroom Balloon in Nashville, Tennessee. Her work found its way onto the cover of Qualatex Best Of magazine twice, Reese Witherspoon's Instagram, the digital pages of People magazine, and inspired countless young, female entrepreneurs to start their own profitable balloon business. Her meteoric rise in the industry saw her earning a six-figure salary within the first year of offering her services to a city that had not yet seen balloon installations brought to life in organic form and vivid colors. Her illustrious clientele includes Lizzo, Miley Cyrus, Victoria's Secret, Slack, Dollar General, Frito Lay, Kacey Musgraves, Harry Styles, Warner Music Group, Draper James, Nashville Predators, Tennessee Titans, Jonas Brothers, among others.

However, the journey to success was not without its challenges. Fiona discovered that being happy and healthy is far more important than making tons of money, especially when it entails working seven days a week, 70-hour weeks, and almost 365 days of the year. Although the success of Vroom Vroom Balloon was a major accomplishment, it nearly cost Fiona her life. Thankfully, a medical professional and dear friend encouraged her to stop working cold-turkey and seek treatment. During this time, Fiona discovered the extent of the trauma she had experienced from being raised by and running a business with a mother who had cluster-b personality disorder. Full of fear, shame, and anxiety, Fiona entered an 8-week-long partial-hospitalization out-patient program. Through group therapy, Fiona learned the importance of choosing oneself, the benefits of medication, and there is no shame in seeking help.

Hustle culture is not to be glorified, and Fiona Flaherty is a testament to this. She is now providing consulting and coaching services to those interested in speaking with her one-on-one. She is a shining example that one can find peace, happiness, and success despite the presence of varying mental health challenges like ADHD, PTSD, severe anxiety disorders, depression, and an abusive parent.

After a hiatus of nearly three years, Fiona is back in the balloon game and is already making waves with her exceptional skill and talent.

The Painted Balloon provide helium balloons and organic installations to Scituate, Massachusetts and surrounding Boston South Shore.